Local Government's Role

LGNSW works with councils to promote access and inclusion of people with a disability in their community. Our work in disability is supported by financial assistance from the NSW Government.

Local government recognises that people with a disability have a right to quality facilities and services that enable them to live and fully participate in their communities. 

Improved physical access to community and privately-owned facilities is encouraged by local government.

Disability Inclusion Action Planning Resources

Disability Inclusion Action Plans (DIAP)

Under the Disability Inclusion Act 2014, councils are required to develop Disability Inclusion Action Plans by 1 July 2017.

A Disability Inclusion Action Plan demonstrates local government’s commitment to people with a disability on improving access to services, facilities and jobs and is also designed to change perceptions about people with a disability.

Councils have a number of options. They can prepare a standalone DIAP, integrate their DIAP directly into their integrated planning and reporting (IP&R) framework or, if they have an existing Disability Action Plan (DAP), adapt it to meet the regulatory requirements. If they are merging with other councils they can adapt their existing DIAP to cover the new LGA.

Disability Inclusion Forums

LGNSW has held forums around NSW. Please contact Anita Ceravolo if you require additional support or resources.

View presentations on the forums page.

DIAP Guides - Templates and Resources

Standalone DIAP

Integrated DIAP

Adapt existing DAP

Adapt a DIAP to new amalgamated council area

DIAP Questions and Answers


Download the guidelines, adapted for local government, below:

DIAP Contacts

Additional Resources

Download additional resources below to you with disability inclusion action planning:

For more information, email Anita Ceravolo.

Council DIAPs


Events and Resources

Inclusive Tourism Networking Events

Inclusive Tourism is an untapped opportunity, largely due to the ageing population. In 2015, 15% of Australia’s population (3.7 million people) were aged 65 and over. Many of these seniors do not even identify as having a disability, and have retained their sense of adventure.

20% of the population identify as having a disability, of these 88% take a holiday each year, injecting $8 billion into the travel industry.

Considering that people with disability are likely to travel and/ or engage in recreational activities with a carer, friend(s) or family – the inclusive tourism market is a huge section of the travel and recreational market.

LGNSW has organised a series of morning networking events across regional NSW which focus on Inclusive Tourism.

Businesses and council’s will hear about:

  • The compelling business case for inclusive tourism - how can businesses and councils take advantage of the emerging market for accessible travel and recreation
  • Small changes that businesses can make to enhance accessibility and increase profits
  • Providing the best possible customer service
  • Uploading the right information to digital tourism databases
  • Understanding older people, people with disability and carers as consumers 

Presenting will be:

  • The NSW Business Chamber
  • TripAdviser
  • Destination NSW
  • Local Government NSW

Event locations and dates:

Funded by the NSW Department of Industry through the Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure program and the NSW Department of Family and Community Services. The views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views of NSW Department of Industry or the NSW Department of Family and Community Services.

Past events

Aged and Disability Forum

LGNSW hosted an Aged and Disability Forum for NSW councils on 14 March 2017.

The forum was funded and supported by the Department of Health and Family and Community Services.

The forum was used as a platform to inform and support councils on the aged and disability care reforms and to discuss the implications for their services.    

Forum presentations are available for download:

To further prepare councils for the sector reforms, LGNSW also offered the following training:

Marketing in Community Care - 15 June 2017

Workforce Planning in Community Care - 20 June 2017


Disability Report

In 2013 LGNSW commissioned a report with funding from NSW Family and Community Services to provide an understanding of the current planning undertaken by NSW councils to support access for inclusion for people with disability. The draft report (PDF, 1.8MB) is available for download.

International Day of People with a Disability

We support International Day of People with a Disability (IDPWD), an official day celebrating the achievements of people with a disability. The day is part of a worldwide celebration which occurs on 3 December each year.